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Cilverbow Botanicals YouTube Channel • Christina Hand

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Hi, My name is Christina Hand and I am the owner of Cilverbow Botanicals. I am also known as Miami’s Natural Nail Expert. I have been a licensed Full Specialist specializing in natural nail care for the last 9 years and during the pandemic I opened up my own nontoxic nail salon and vegan nail shop located in My salon suites here in the beautiful Downtown Miami FL area.

At Cilverbow Botanicals you should expect a different experience unlike any other traditional nail salon Since we are a nontoxic nail salon we focus mainly on natural nail and skin health on the hands and feet and as the expert I have the pleasure of being one on one with each of my clients giving me the opportunity to go more in-depth with both the nail consultation and the service treatment. That means I can analyze your natural nails and skin and understand your specific nail health needs and offer you the right advice for in salon treatments and the best recommendations for at home care so that your nails are always healthy.

My regular treatments include; natural nail care and repairs, safe no drill acrylic / dip removals, and a variety of hand and foot skin care treatments which range from waterless nail care to floral spa manicures and pedicures infused with botanical essential oils and natural vegan friendly ingredients.

CB YouTube videos will show a day in my life as a natural nail technician at Cilverbow Botanicals as well as a day in the life of my clients who’ve allowed me to share their story’s and amazing and transformational nail before and afters and their journey to healthy natural nails.

I really love what I do and and i can’t wait to talk about things like; natural nails, calluses, ingrown toe nails, missing toe nails, fungus, and even the good things like pampering and healthy nail care.

If you would like to be apart of the show and transform your nail health feel free to contact us on our website at Cilverbow wit the subject line “CB YouTube” we would be happy to work with you. You can also find us on social media at Cilverbow Botanicals on all social media platforms.

Thank you so much for watching and I look forward to seeing you again soon ! Bye.

To learn more check out - 💅🏽

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Emily Moloney
Emily Moloney
Jan 18, 2022

You are the best in biz, Christina! I'll see you soon!

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