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Get the Best Nail Colors for Summer in Miami

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Miami Beach

How many times have you found yourself in Miami and thought, Wow, my nails look terrible! It’s difficult to keep up with an impeccable manicure when you’re at the beach or out on the town. The sun, salt water, and alcohol can wreak havoc on your beautiful polished nails—not to mention the extra time it takes to get ready before heading out of the house after staying in all weekend! Luckily, you don’t have to compromise style over comfort while visiting Miami this summer.

Natural Nails

Trendy: Blush

Now that spring has sprung, you can expect to see a slew of new colors in nail polish collections—and blush is definitely one of them. Not only is it an incredibly pretty color on its own, but it also looks great with other shades like coral and orange.

Nails Hand

Classic: Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose nail polish is one of those colors that just works for summer and Miami. Just about every color looks good against a warm tanned skin tone, but a pale pink like Dusty Rose is even better—it lets your warm tan show through. Try it out on your toes if you aren’t ready to fully commit to neon nail colors or Neon Pinks like Miami Pink or Sunset Pink.

nontoxic nail polish

A Go-To Red

Red is a perennial nail polish favorite, especially during warmer months. It adds an element of glamour to simple summer ensembles and looks good on any skin tone. Plus, red nail polish is fairly versatile—it can be worn in a professional setting or dressed down with shorts and flip-flops on a day off.

Summer nail color

Sandal Worthy Bronze

If you’re gearing up to show off your pedicure of choice—flip-flops, platforms, or ankle boots—in summery Miami, a bronze polish is an essential. This buttery shade will look chic with a variety of sandals and toes.

Floral Manicure

Lavender for Light Skin Tones

If you have light skin, try a lavender nail polish. This is one of those colors that looks great on any skin tone and brings out your eyes while adding some fun to your look. It's also a good color for summer because it reminds you of springtime, which may help get you through those last few weeks of sunshine. Lavender nail polish miami summer is one of our favorite colors for toes and fingers.

Nail Salon Miami

Candy Apple Red

This is a bright, bold color that goes with everything. It’s a good option to start out your summer with or wear while vacationing to Miami, especially during springtime. This nail polish is universally flattering and will make you feel fresh, vibrant and ready to take on any challenge that may come your way. If you want some fun and are wanting an effortlessly cute look, grab some candy apple red nail polish miami summer!

Nail Art Summer

Sultry Black

Black has always been a staple of summer beauty looks. But when it comes to nail polish, what is sultry? Think of nail polish like clothing: Sultry black is more than just a color, it’s an attitude. Whether you’re going out to dinner or meeting friends at happy hour, black polish shows off confidence and style with dark tones that are always on-trend.

Beach Sand Nails

Pastel Blue

The summer season provides a great opportunity to try out new nail polish colors that you may not have otherwise. If you’re looking to go pastel, why not consider using blue? Blue nail polish is one of those neutral colors that can be incredibly versatile, and can even give off a soft yet elegant appearance.

In conclusion, these are the best nail colors for summer in Miami. With the hot weather and bright colors, these shades will make your nails look great all season long. Be sure to try them out and share your photos with us on social media!

What colors are you going to rock this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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