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How to: Ask Your Nail Technician to Give You the Nails You Want

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

You know the type of nails you want, but how do you go about communicating them to your salon artist? You’re at the salon, you have your pedicure scheduled, and now it’s time to communicate what type of nail shape and color you want. It may seem like an intimidating task if you’ve never done it before, but knowing how to ask for the nails you want will make both your life and your salon artist’s easier, so read on!

Know What Style You Want

Natural nails are generally much healthier than artificial acrylic ones, so if you want your nail salon artist to give you a natural look, it’s important that they know exactly what kind of shape and style you’re after. It may sound obvious, but being more specific will help your artist better serve your needs—and since they’re going to be touching your nails all day, it makes sense that you’d want them to give you what suits you best. How will they know otherwise?

Know What Shape Looks Best On You

Now that you know how much your nails should be, it’s time to decide what shape looks best on you. When it comes to your nails, what you want can depend on a number of factors: natural nail length, nail thickness and shape, and general preference. However, when getting into more detail about what you want for yourself is tricky territory for many salon artists. Instead of being vague about what shape you prefer, there are a few helpful hints for knowing what shape will look best on your hands.

Let Them Know in Advance

It’s important to let your nail tech know in advance what you’re hoping for. If you want natural nails, be sure they know. If you’re hoping for long-lasting gel polish on a recent manicure, make it clear how much time you want it on.

Leave Your Trust At Home

Your trusted nails expert should be able to guide you through what products will suit your nails best, based on nail type and length. Leave your trust at home—for example, if you have a new professional acrylic set, ask about how long you can expect those nails to last; and remember that you’ll have greater longevity with gel-based nails than with polish. This realistic expectation will eliminate any surprises or confusion when comparing different salons and services.

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

Even if you feel awkward or embarrassed, you should make sure your artist understands what it is you’re looking for. Tell them if you want shorter nails, a certain shape, or a specific color; they may be able to accommodate your request without any extra fee, so don’t be afraid to speak up. It’s also helpful to be prepared by researching local nail trends and having an idea of what it is that makes a particular shape or design appealing for you.

Educate Yourself on Trends and Styles

To start off, educate yourself on trends and styles in nail art. Sites like pinterest, instagram and blogs like (insert URL) will give you an idea of what’s hot right now and what other people are into. Figure out your preferences by looking through all of these avenues, even if you aren’t intending on using any of them for inspiration – a picture is worth a thousand words after all!

Be Nice to The Salon Staff

Treat your salon staff nicely, and they’ll be more willing to accommodate your nail preferences. If you get along with them well, they might even give you a discount. Make sure to tip well too; after all, you want to show your appreciation for their work. Write how tips play an important role in making a good impression on your favorite artists at salons .

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